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Granite Falls Business and Professional Women's Club

Welcome to BPW/Granite Falls - Winner of the BPW/NC Website Award 2012

The Granite Falls Business and Professional Women’s Club (BPW/Granite Falls) was a local organization of BPW/North Carolina, the North Carolina Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Clubs, Incorporated ( BPW/NC is affiliated with BPW Foundation( BPW was the first organization dedicated to issues affecting workingwomen.The club is dedicated to helping women achieve their fullest potential through leadership training, networking, and mentoring. BPW/Granite Falls also recognizes the achievements of working women and female students.

BPW-NC Federation is a network of North Carolina women who are committed to achieving full equity for all women in education, government, business and the community. The North Carolina Federation consists of Local Clubs around the state. Members of each local Club are automatically members of, and receive the benefits of BPW-NC. Elections are held annually for leadership positions at the Local and State Levels and members are encouraged to participate in leadership roles or on BPW committees.If you wish to contact BPW-NC, go to

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BPW HAS BECOME WE The Granite Falls Business and Professional Women's Club has formed the Granite Falls Women's Enrichment Association. BPW/Granite Falls will cease to exist, but members will continue to offer leadership training and other educational opportunities to women in Granite Falls through GFWEA. For more information about GFWEA, go to